Archiving Cases

How to archive inactive cases

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Archiving inactive cases has several benefits. First, it enables you to avoid overage fees. Second, it ensures that you won't incur Pacer fees for that case. Finally, archiving cases helps to reduce clutter on your workspace.

To archive a case, select the "Bird's Eye View" tab in the menu, and run the report. Then, click on the archive icon for any case you want to archive:

Archive case icon

If you are an account owner or admin, you can archive a case for all users at your firm. To do that, just run the Bird's Eye View report for "All Team Cases," and then click the Archive Case icon. If you instead run the report for "My Cases," then clicking on the Archive Case icon will archive the case only for your personal account.

Don't worry -- when you archive a case, we won't delete any of the documents or other case information. To access the case and documents at any time, just re-add the case to your account.

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