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Why we charge case overage fees, and how to avoid them

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Each of DocketBird's pricing plans includes 20 active cases per seat. An "active case" is defined as any case in which there has been a filing within the last 60 days. Users are charged 50 cents per active case in excess of this limit.

This policy is designed to ensure that our pricing reflects usage. The vast majority of our accounts have fewer than 20 active cases per seat, but some of our power users are following hundreds or even thousands of cases.

Active cases can be shared across your account. For example, if your company has two seats, and one user has 30 cases and the other user has 10, your company won't incur an overage charge. The two seats gives the company a total of 40 active cases, and those cases can be divided among seats however you like. Also, if your company has several seats that are each following the same case, that case will only count as one case toward the active case limit.

As a courtesy, we send an email reminder each month to the account owner, identifying the total number of total active cases in the account, and the overage fee to be charged at the end of the month. We do this to ensure that our users have time to reduce or avoid these charges by archiving unneeded cases.

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