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Frequently Asked Questions about DocketBird AutoCalendar AI
Frequently Asked Questions about DocketBird AutoCalendar AI
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Q. What courts does AutoCalendar AI support?

A. DocketBird AutoCalendar AI integrates with all of DocketBird's supported courts.

Q. Does AutoCalendar AI extract deadlines from only docket entries, or documents too?

A. AutoCalendar AI extracts deadlines from docket entries, as well as court scheduling orders. If you are aware of any court orders other than scheduling orders that routinely contain deadlines, please contact us; it's highly likely that we can support them.

Q. Can I revise deadlines that AutoCalendar AI extracts?

A. Yes. You have full control over the description, date, and time of the deadlines.

Q. Will deadlines still sync to my calendaring app, even if I don't manually approve them?

A. Yes. We err on the side of inclusiveness. However, if you'd like for us to configure your account differently, just let us know. We can make it happen.

Q. Can I create my own events and deadlines, even if they are not included in my court materials?

A. Yes, you can create any sort of deadline you want.

Q. What happens when multiple law firms revise deadlines in the same case? Will their revisions affect my calendar?

A. No. We keep a separate calendar for every law firm. Only your team can revise deadlines for your calendars.

Q. How does AutoCalendar AI handle different time zones?

A. We always use the local time of the court. To ensure there is no confusion, we specify the time zone at the top of each calendar.

Q. But what about when I sync a calendar to my calendar app? What time zone will be used then?

A. It depends on how you have configured your calendar app, but with few exceptions, times will appear in your local time zone in your calendar app.

Q. Does AutoCalendar AI ever make mistakes?

A. Yes. Mistakes are rare, but no AI system is perfect. That's why we've designed AutoCalendar AI to facilitate human review of deadlines. You should think of AutoCalendar as a law intern -- it will do a great job and save you lots of time, but you'll want to check its work.

Q. What technology does AutoCalendar AI use?

A. We use a variety of cutting-edge AI software libraries, including GPT-4.

Q. What kinds of exciting plans does DocketBird have for AutoCalendar AI?

A. We're already working on integrating AutoCalendar AI with third-party case management systems. We are also always evaluating new AI software libraries to ensure AutoCalendar AI takes full advantage of the latest developments.

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