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Overview of AutoCalendar AI
Overview of AutoCalendar AI

An in-depth description of DocketBird's new AI-based AutoCalendar feature

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DocketBird AutoCalendar AI is designed to significantly increase the speed and accuracy of calendaring court deadlines.

Individual Case Calendars

When documents are filed in your cases, DocketBird automatically extracts deadlines and events, and publishes them to the appropriate case calendar:

DocketBird AutoCalendar AI for a specific case

To more easily see which filings generated which deadlines, you can organize the list by docket entry:

Modern AI is incredibly smart, but we've designed DocketBird to facilitate human review of all deadlines. To review or revise a deadline, just click on it to reveal the approval dialogue window:

As you can see in the screenshot above, your team members can describe any revisions they make to the calendar. This will help to keep your team on the same page about why revisions were made.

After calendar entries have been approved, the interface will reflect human approval:

Syncing to Calendar Apps

We've made it easy to sync to the calendar app of your choice. We support virtually any calendaring application, such as Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Outlook, Clio, and BusyCal.

To accomplish this, just click "Get link" at the top of the calendar:

This will proved you with a link to an .ics file, which you can then provide to your calendaring application.

After you've subscribed to a DocketBird calendar, you'll see deadlines for new filings appear in your application automatically.

Consolidated Calendar

DocketBird AutoCalendar AI will also create a consolidated calendar for you, so that you can see all of your upcoming deadlines in one place:

Clicking on any day will reveal details for each case, and will enable you to review and revise each deadline:

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