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DocketBird currently has deep integration with all United State District Courts and Courts of Appeals. We offer the following features with respect to those courts:

  • monitor cases for new activity, even if you are not attorney of record;

  • real-time notices of new activity (if you are an attorney of record and receive filing notices from the court);

  • download and refresh docket sheets;

  • download documents, name them according to your custom filename format, and email them as attachments;

  • OCR all documents and provide full-text search;

  • upload documents to your document management system, including iManage, NetDocs, Clio, Dropbox, Box, Litify, Filevine, or to your custom-built system;

  • search cases by case number, party name, and other criteria;

  • (coming soon) create New Case Alerts to inform you when a new cases has been filed involving a party of interest.

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