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"Basic Integration" with Select State Courts and Administrative Bodies
"Basic Integration" with Select State Courts and Administrative Bodies

What is "Basic Integration," and who can request it?

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What is Basic Integration?

For all federal courts and many state courts, DocketBird offers Deep Integration, taking advantage of the full set of features offered by the court system. Our goal is to deeply integrate all major courts.

Some of our clients practice in state courts or administrative bodies that we have not yet deeply integrated. Those users can request that we provide Basic Integration. When we offer Basic integration, we provide users with the following features, to the extent made possible by the court system:

  • provide real-time notices of new activity;

  • download documents when they are filed, name them according to your custom filename format; and email them as attachments; and

  • upload documents to your document management system, including iManage, NetDocs, Clio, Dropbox, Box, Litify, Filevine, or your custom-built system.

To take advantage of Basic Integration, you must be receiving filing notification emails from the court or administrative body. Usually, that means you need to be an attorney of record in the case.

We prioritize requests for Basic Integrations according to demand, court size, and other factors. To request a Basic Integration, please contact us by clicking the support icon in the lower-right corner of the screen.

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