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Dropbox Integration
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How Dropbox Integration Works

DocketBird offers seamless integration with Dropbox. When a document is filed in one of your cases, DocketBird can automatically upload that document to a special folder in your Dropbox. This enables you to quickly access documents filed in your cases without ever logging in to PACER.

Below is a short video regarding DocketBird's Dropbox integration features:

Where DocketBird Stores Documents on Dropbox

DocketBird will automatically organize your filings for you, arranging them in folders according to court and case. For example, if a document is downloaded in Apple v. Samsung in the Northern District of California, DocketBird would save the document in your Dropbox in a path such as:

  • Dropbox > Apps > DocketBird > Northern District of California > Apple v. Samsung > 149. (04/24/12) Motion for Summary Judgment.pdf

Please see the video above for more details.

How to Set Up Dropbox Integration

Setting up Dropbox integration is easy. Just log in to DocketBird, and click on the link entitled "Integrate Your Dropbox Account." You will then be directed to the Dropbox website, which will prompt you to enter your Dropbox credentials in order to begin integration.

That's all you have to do. DocketBird will then immediately upload all your court documents to the "Apps > DocketBird" folder in your Dropbox. Going forward, all documents that DocketBird downloads for you will be sent to your Dropbox

How to Share Your Dropbox DocketBird Folder with Others

To share your "Apps > DocketBird" folder with others, just log in to your Dropbox account ( Then, click on your "Apps" folder. Finally, hover your mouse cursor over your "DocketBird" folder, and click the "Share" icon.

Privacy and Security

Don't worry: DocketBird cannot access any documents or folders in your Dropbox other than those that are stored in the "Apps > DocketBird" folder.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

Please do not add your own files to the DocketBird folder. Because we periodically re-sync the folder, any documents you add to it will be lost. Also, do not move or rename the files and folders in your DocketBird folder.

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